The Pregnant bride

Civil union


I still remember tears rolling down her cheeks on the first day we met, while I was reassuring her that I was going to be her best friend for a day and that day was her wedding day.  We both decided that we would take everything slowly but hell no! The girl was so ready to slay and pose and rule the world.

Court session was so noisy and tiring and the wait felt eternal but we made use of the time we had in our hands. We profited to do some amazing portraits of our bride in her car.

Church wedding

Church wedding
Hotel room session was something else the bride was so tired she did not want her bridesmaid in her room and I did not insist too much. We made some “moments to remember forever” shots.
My best part during church service is the end when the couple is finally relieved that they are blessed by God. The joy on their faces and flying confetti’s creates such breathtaking motions.

couple shoot

couple shoot wedding

Initially I had planned to use the little huts at the pool side as backdrop for our photoshoot but unfortunately it was past 5:30 PM and a Saturday; clients had taken over the whole place. Then I saw the swing which a mother and her daughter were using, went up to them and asked for their permission to shot my bride and her groom.

wedding dinner

wedding dinner
Evening session was simple as I like them, no boring speeches or meaningless protocol. We even had the time to do a quick shoot in the locations tennis court.
The couple’s 2 year old son stole the limelight from the master of ceremony. He couldn’t just stand being ignored so he fought for the mic and did his show. He was just adorable.
Dance it off darlings, wish you both all the love in the world and see you again when you come for your enlarged family shoot.
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Chantal Edie

Photographer & Artistic Director


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  • #1

    Nkooh agar (dimanche, 09 juillet 2017 03:33)

    Superbes photos!...j'ai hâte que ce soit mon tour!�

  • #2

    Nora Brown (dimanche, 09 juillet 2017 20:12)

    Wow!!!! Can't wait for my wedding shoots.... Wished this was me

  • #3

    Doreen (lundi, 17 juillet 2017 18:19)

    Oh my! I know you're a talented pohotographer but each time I see your photos, they blow my mind. I'm just so amazed at how much work you put into creating a story, chosing the right backdrop and just catching those "moments". Super proud of you. Keep it up!

  • #4

    Chantal Edie (mardi, 01 août 2017 15:04)

    Thanks my lovely friends and sisters for your encouraging words. You all are my backbone. xx