Art Contempletion

Collection galerie MAM Douala
"Oiseaux-Conteurs de hervé Yamguem"

This is a collection of emotions from different art expositions we have shoot over the years. We are fascinated by the way people from different works of live contemplete objects and works of arts.

21 Ans galerie MAM
Exposition "Trois" de Joel Mpah Dooh

Our personal experiences in life can guard us in the interpretation of a piece of art. We try to capture different poses and ways of gazing an art and at the same time imagining the thought of the person infront of the painting or work of art.

Exposition Hako Hanson
Exposition Hako Hanson

There is this particular expostion where the author who happens to be the enigma Bili Bidjocka had not been home for almost a decade and whose old mom was so emotional talking about his son. i thought she was the center of interest for everyone especiallly as we say in my country "what the elderly can see sitting , a young man can not see standing on the tallest tree."

Bili et sa Mère
Vernissage exposition PIETA
Galerie MAM Douala
Exposition PIETA, le plan prend forme

There is this other artist who is in motion the very renown Joel Mpah Dooh , performing his art before a fascinated audience in a garden party, there again we brought out the interaction between the artist and the environment.

Chantal Edie

Photographer & Artistic Director



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