Shooting  little big woman

Sophy au boulot

I have always been fascinated by this character, to me she is the creator of the Mohawk braid (Google it) the first time I ever saw her was on FabAfriq Mag web page whipping her hair back and forth *3 LOL cos your singing too right?  I was told she is Sophy Aiida an actress, singer and presenter.


Sophy se lache au phone

Then almost half a decade later in Douala Cameroon I met her in person at the Gallery Mam and this time she was wearing a hairdo a la Kelly Rowland and looked a shorter version of her. She greeted I and Zack with such warmness and familiarity.


That’s how our partnership started with the CIRCA237 girls… All I can say people keep these names in your head Bee Makina and Sophy Aiida cos they have revolution entertainment in Douala.  Go ahead and #Heinekenboatparty, yes that’s my referral to you. The Duo are co-founders of the above which is a communication and marketing company.



So Zack thought we had to talk about this power woman in the 3rd edition of the now trending Mag SHOW and of course the publisher agreed.  She surprised me by doing her makeup herself contrary to our thoughts that Bee acclaimed makeup artist would be the one to do her face beat.


Zack was the shooter and I his assistant, Doreen happily helped out with the video, so lucky to have her on set, Lights tested and action!! There was Lots of laughter and getting into character. She gave us all she was and that’s just what we are feeding your eyes and mind with.


Happy women’s Day!



Chantal Edie



Sophy fait sa serieuse

Sophy fait son SHOW

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  • #1

    Shushu (samedi, 05 mars 2016 19:07)

    This is lovely. Warm right up Chantal. More power to your elbow.... Happy women's day!

  • #2

    Stan Lee (samedi, 05 mars 2016 19:17)

    Beautiful like a sunny sky

  • #3

    Adeline (samedi, 05 mars 2016 22:26)

    Love this concept. Love the image quality. Love u and Zak... Studio LX is the best

  • #4

    Domy Hod (mardi, 08 mars 2016 03:20)

    More power to your elbow ! stunning sophy as usual ! keep up
    #Domptezlefoulard #TameTheWrap

  • #5

    Chantal Edie (mardi, 01 août 2017 15:07)

    Aww, you all melt my heart. Thanks guys!